7 Things a good diabetes weight loss program should have

Published on: 02/01/2022
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Weight loss is hard.  . . . . . . Managing diabetes is even harder.

Diabetes weight loss together can feel so overwhelming you just want to give up.

I want to share with you 7 things I think an effective diabetes weight loss program should have. These come from a combination of reviewing research, from my own experience working with clients, and from being coached myself in past years.

1.  A way to personalize the food plan to your preferences and lifestyle

If you don’t like the foods or it’s too restrictive you will not stay on the plan. Part of personalizing a food plan is to try different strategies and piece together a custom plan that works well for YOU.

2.  A system you can stick with long term, even if you stop paying for the program

Every program has a way for you to monitor or plan your portions. It might be points, or carbs or calories or entering food to an app or prepacked foods or meal replacements. Bottom line, there will be some way to limit your calories.

3.  Quality nutrition

If you are in the 40+ age group like me, you are probably at the point in life where you are not watching your weight to fit into the bikini anymore. You are trying to stay well so that you can live an enjoyable life now and into retirement years! Nutrition has A LOT to do with preventing health problems like diabetes or complications of diabetes.

4.  Tracking methods

This could be a journal, app, or smartwatch. When you focus in on what you need to change, you need to track it, so you know what is working and not working and make adjustments. You might track water intake, calories, carbs, steps, mood, inches, blood sugars or weight, or something else.

5.  A holistic approach

Weight and health are not just about a diet. Our bodies are complex and so many things affect our eating habits, weight, and our blood sugars. Sleep, environment, stress, activity, other health conditions, and medications are just some of the factors. Any quality program needs to help you take all those things into consideration.

6.  Coaching and/or community support are key

We all need someone to be accountable to when we are making life changes and that’s where a coach or group is important. This support might be phone or video calls, messaging, private groups, live groups, or office visits. If you have diabetes, it would be to your benefit to have a health professional coach who is knowledgeable in diabetes as well.

7.  A WHY

We all need a reason to get out of bed and get stuff done every day right? I list this last but really, it’s the foundation you need to build your successful program on. If your foundation is weak your chance of building a strong plan for wellness that will last is slim. I talk about 4 ways to get your mind set to fight diabetes in this blog article.

Looking for a diabetes weight loss program? 

My new program Path to Diabetes Food Freedom is a 6-month program for those who want to reverse type 2 or prediabetes without giving up their favorite foods. It covers all 7 of these aspects.

I also offer a 6-week coaching program for those who already have a good foundation and just need a boost or jumpstart.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about one of these programs.


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