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My Programs & Services

Whether you are a do-it-yourself person, just want help getting started, or want a complete nutrition transformation to finally get control of your health . . . I have a program for you!

First Steps to Reversing Diabetes
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Functional Nutrition Services
First Steps to Reversing Diabetes

Ready to Beat Diabetes?


This self-paced online course with give you simple action steps and sample meal plans to get you on track to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes. 

This course may be for YOU if  . . . 

  • Your doctor said you have prediabetes or “borderline” diabetes
  • You have had Gestational Diabetes in the past
  • You have family members with type 2 diabetes
  • Your fasting blood sugar is “normal” but in the 90’s. 
  • You want to get better blood sugars WITHOUT medication
  • You want to know what foods raise blood sugar
  • You want a do-it-yourself program online

Course Topics:

  • What to Drink
  • Simple Start Carb Plan
  • The power of protein
  • Myths of heart health
  • Supplement Decisions
  • Effects of stress, sleep and exercise
Medical Nutrition Therapy

Have you been referred to a dietitian?

You must be in Minnesota and have a referral from your doctor to qualify for this service.

This is for you if:

  • you are living in Minnesota at time of visit
  • you have a referral from your health care provider
  • you need help getting your blood sugars to target
  • you need help losing weight
  • need help with other health conditions such as GERD, IBS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diarrhea, constipation or other nutrition related health problems

What’s included:

  • one or more clinic or telehealth visits
  • weekly messaging in private app for support
  • personalized nutrition recommendations based on a detailed assessment
  • custom meal planning help
  • personalized supplement recommendations as needed
Functional Nutrition Services

Looking for a Holistic Nutrition Solution to Your Health Problem?

If any of these fit your situation . . .

  • are frustrated with high blood sugars
  • want to try a continuous glucose sensor
  • are not getting answers to your health problem
  • want to lose weight but nothing works
  • would rather avoid medication
  • want to be proactive to prevent health problems that run in your family
  • want help with a meal plan that fits your health needs and taste

let’s schedule a time to talk to see if my program could help you reach your wellness goals!


client success

"I've lost over 60 pounds, learned to change my eating habits and embrace the new outlook Karen's program instilled in me. "
- Jane

from a client

"I recommend KM Nutrition (Karen) due her knowledge, year's of experience, her personal experiences, her honesty and unending support"

- Jane

from a former coworker

"I am happy to have been able to work with someone as amazing as you. You work so hard and go above and beyond for us and our patients."



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance or do I need a referral?

I am currently in network with Medicare, BCBS MN, and Medica. 

If you have a health savings or flex spending account, my programs may be reimbursable through those accounts.

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Do you work with clients in any state or outside the U.S.?
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How do virtual services work?

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