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Whether you just want help getting started, want to finally get control of your blood sugars or weight, or need services for your patients or employees, I would love to help!

Diabetes Quick-Start Session

Get on the right track  

Talk with Karen for a 60-90 minute call to get your questions answered and understand what your first 3 steps should be for managing diabetes. Those can be different for each situation so Karen will give you personalized recommendations.

This is for you if:

  • you are newly diagnosed with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes
  • are overwhelmed and confused
  • have questions about blood sugar monitoring, foods, or your lab results
  • want professional advice
  • need help getting on the right track

What’s included:

  • one 60-90 minute phone or video call with Karen
  • access to Karen for private messaging additional questions for 2 weeks
  • 3 personalized recommendations
  • supporting handouts as needed
Weight & Wellness Program

Not just another weight loss diet

Karen’s personalized program will help you discover the root cause for your weight frustrations. Is it genetics? environment? eating habits? exercise habits? stress? hormones? food sensitivities? inflammation? 

This is for you if:

  • are tired of trying diets that don’t work
  • are ready to dig deeper into the root cause
  • want targeted advice based on your genes
  • have been told losing weight will help your blood sugars
  • are ready to make changes in your lifestyle
  • suspect you are sensitive to gluten or other foods

What’s included:

  • 5 phone or video calls with Karen
  • weekly messaging in private app
  • possible testing including genetic, food sensitivities, and other labs. we decide after first session if and when these might be beneficial
  • help with meal ideas personalized to your needs and preferences
  • coaching support for making changes
  • handouts, references and resources as appropriate
Diabetes & Nutrition Consulting

Healthcare & Worksites

Want better health for your patients, clients or employees? 

If your organization is looking for:

  • help with diabetes care & education
  • nutrition therapy or coaching
  • weight management coaching
  • a functional nutrition approach
  • worksite workshops
  • employee wellness services

Karen can help with services such as:

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Diabetes program development
  • Carbs Crash Course wellness challenge
  • Live workshops for small groups (if in central MN area)
  • Virtual Workshops for staff 
  • E-newsletter topics

client success

"I've lost over 60 pounds, learned to change my eating habits and embrace the new outlook Karen's program instilled in me. "
- Jane

from a client

"I recommend KM Nutrition (Karen) due her knowledge, year's of experience, her personal experiences, her honesty and unending support"

- Jane

from a former coworker

"I am happy to have been able to work with someone as amazing as you. You work so hard and go above and beyond for us and our patients."



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance or do I need a referral?

I do not take insurance but for some services I can provide you with a superbill if you would like to request reimbursement from your insurance.

If you have a health savings or flex spending account, my programs may be reimbursable through those accounts.

Do you have an office location?
Do you work with clients in any state or outside the U.S.?
What is the cost of your programs?
How can doctors or other health care providers refer patients to you?
How do virtual services work?

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