How to Get Off the Addictive Carbs Eating Pattern

If you are struggling to get back on track with healthy eating and weight control for your diabetes take a look at these ideas.

loaf of breadYou might find a few tips that help you take a different approach instead of feeling like you have to go hungry.

  • Transition with “safe” sweets/snacks. Get the addictive sweets and snacks out of the house. Those are the ones that you can’t stop eating until you have stuffed yourself. If you know you are still going to get a sweet craving keep something around that you can have a small amount and walk away easily from. Those are what I call “safe” sweets/snacks. My choice is semi-sweet chocolate chips. I like to have a little chocolate but definitely don’t care to eat handfuls of chocolate chips.
  • Focus more on the healing foods you CAN eat instead of what you should NOT eat. Hopefully those foods will gradually replace the less healthy foods, and it keeps your thoughts about food, eating and weight positive.
  • Try a semi-liquid diet day. This does not mean starving but can work to get you jump started on losing a few pounds. For breakfast have a low calorie smoothie or a meal replacement drink such as Boost or Slim Fast. You can get them both in low sugar, high protein versions. Drink unsweetened tea, coffee or water. No sweetened beverages or artificial sweeteners if possible. They may trigger cravings. For lunch have a low calorie soup. These recipes look great! (Tip: make a crock pot of soup on the weekend to have ready to go meals for the week).
    Then if you want a meal for evening have a salad with lean meat, egg, fish or cheese added, and some salad dressing. For a little carbohydrate you can add a few whole grain crackers or croutons. Or switch it up and have salad for lunch and soup for dinner. Just remember . . . don’t add crackers or bread with your soup.
  • Practice eating until you START to feel full and then stop. This takes practice and if you know you have been overeating it takes practice to eat a little less each time until you no longer feel full and bloated after eating. This may mean eating a little more often but that’s okay because it will still help you over time eat less overall.
  • Take on a project that you really enjoy so you get involved and forget about wanting to eat. Rearrange a room in your house or start planning your spring garden!
  • If nothing is working do something to get inspired. Read a great book. Take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine! Connect with friends that have fun with!

Are you struggling with sugar and carb cravings? Frustrated because you want to get blood sugars or weight in control?

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