10 Foods You Can Mix & Match to Make Fast Healthy Meals

Time for cooking seems to run short during the holidays.

yogurt with granola and fruitBetween our jobs, cleaning house for the holidays and shopping for gifts, not only do we run out of time to enjoy the spirit of the season but we run out of time to cook and plan our meals.

Try this list of foods to save yourself from the high carb, high fat fast food lane this holiday season . . . and just maybe save a few extra pounds around the waistline as well!

Combine 2 or 3 of the foods on the list in your favorite combinations and you can have a healthy, balanced meal in a flash! In reasonable portions, these foods should all be waistline and blood sugar friendly.

  1. Precut veggies or salad greens: buy bagged or fresh and cut up your own ahead of time.
  2. Nuts or seeds: buy individual packages for portion control; add pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds to salads
  3. Yogurt: add fruit and/or nuts
  4. Fresh, frozen or canned fruits: eat alone or add to salads
  5. Whole Grain Crackers or cereal: have cheese with crackers and fruit or add cereal to yogurt
  6. Dips such as bean dips, hummus or guacamole: enjoy with whole grain crackers or cut up veggies
  7. Hard Boiled Eggs: eat with crackers or add to salads
  8. String Cheese: great alone or with crackers
  9. Dark Chocolate for dessert: eat a few pieces to satisfy the sweet craving or try my favorite and add to vanilla yogurt!
  10. Protein bars or drinks: there are so many options. Just be aware of high calories or sugar amounts.

Don’t forget to stay well hydrated by carrying bottle water on those power shopping days!

I would love to hear more ideas for healthy foods to add to the list. Please comment and share your ideas!

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