Corn on the Cob Too Much Carb?

This is the time of year for one of my favorite foods . . . fresh sweet corn!  But is corn on the cob too high carb for those of us trying to control weight and prevent diabetes?

Well, I am not about to give up one of the great fresh garden foods that only come around a few weeks every year. So here are a few tips to enjoy the season’s harvest while watching your waistline . . .

How much should you eat? One medium ear of sweet corn gives you about 140 calories and one-and-a half carbohydrate servings. So for women 2 ears of sweet corn would be a smart portion for carb control and weight control.

What about the butter?  I grew up only knowing how to cook sweet corn on the stovetop in water but my new favorite way to cook it now is on the grill. You can grill it with the husk on but my favorite is to husk it and wrap each ear in foil. I also like to pre-portion a teaspoon of butter off the stick and put in each foil wrapped ear. If you can resist adding more before you eat it you can control the extra calories you add. One teaspoon butter will add 35 calories.

Counting calories or carbs? Here you go . . . 2 medium ears sweet corn = about 270 calories, 2 teaspoons butter = about 70 calorie. Add 3-4 oz grilled lean meat or a salad and you are still under 500 calories for the meal!