Want better blood sugars while avoiding more meds?

Let’s start building an eating plan that works for YOUR life.

Are you feeling frustrated and confused with all the internet advice on what to eat?

Has your doctor given you 3 months to get your A1c down before he prescribes more medication?

Have your tried diets, only to find they are too hard to stick with and now you feel like a failure?

Do you have friends or family members who have suffered health problems such as amputations or loss of vision because of diabetes?

Are you afraid you might end up in the same situation? 

    My programs will help you create an eating plan that gets blood sugars in target without having to give up all your favorite foods. 

    Instead of going in circles over and over trying the latest and greatest diet, we take a look at your situation, we provide you strategies, we give you time to learn and practice. We problem solve what’s not working and find what does work for your diabetes and life situation. We support you over time to help you create your own personalized diabetes food and activity plan.


    Let’s Work Together

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    1:1 Sessions 3-month program

    For those who want more 1:1 coaching, this program includes 5 coaching calls with Karen, lessons specific to your problem, and weekly secure messaging for extra support. To get an outline of how this could be personalized just for you, book a call to chat with Karen.

    Diabetes Food & Freedom Group Program (Get on the Wait List!)


    This 3-month program includes courses, group Q&A, secure messaging, meal planning tools, private Facebook group, and 2 coaching calls with Karen to ensure you reach your goals!

    Self Study Courses (Coming Soon!)

    Learn new strategies you can use right away from topics such as what to eat for better blood sugars, monitoring blood sugars, meal planning methods and more! Convenient audio lessons so you can learn on the go! Click the button to get notified when the first course is ready.


    client success

    "I've lost over 60 pounds, learned to change my eating habits and embrace the new outlook Karen's program instilled in me. "
    - Jane

    from a client

    "I recommend KM Nutrition (Karen) due her knowledge, year's of experience, her personal experiences, her honesty and unending support"

    - Jane

    from a former coworker

    "I am happy to have been able to work with someone as amazing as you. You work so hard and go above and beyond for us and our patients."



    hi there!

    I’m Karen

    I am also fighting diabetes personally and professionally. 

    Having had gestational diabetes over 25 years ago, I now have prediabetes but have managed to prevent type 2 diabetes by living out the very strategies I help you with!


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    My Signature Process

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    Step 01:

    Book a free discovery call

    Scheduling a call with Karen is a no obligation way to take that first step toward finding the solution to your diabetes, weight management or other nutrition related health problem. 

    Step 02:

    Talk with Karen about your path to success 

    Don’t worry, this is not a pushy sales call. This is your time to get some clarification on the best solution to your health problem.

    I will listen to your concerns, answer questions about my programs and give you my recommendation on what path would help you most in reaching your health goals.

    If we decide my programs are not the best path, that’s okay. I believe in honesty and integrity and if I am not the best person to help you, I will do my best to refer you to other options.

    Step 03:

    Work the program & get results

    Most of my programs are 3-months long to give you time to learn new strategies, practice them, and get feedback along the way. It is very important to me that you reach your goals and I will do everything I can to help you get there!

    Step 04:

    Maintain your success

    I will always offer a maintenance program after you complete a 3-month program. Changing health habits is an ongoing process and it’s easy to fall back into our old ways. At the end of your 3-month program I will have a less intense program offer to provide you with the monthly support you need to maintain your success!

    Questions? Check the FAQ or contact me.


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