Karen Marschel, RDN LD CDE

Personalized Diabetes Prevention


Weight Wellness Services

Go from Frustration to Freedom with Food!

Are you here because . . . .

    • Your doctor recently told you that you have diabetes or prediabetes?
    • You don’t know what to eat or not to eat to control blood sugars?
    • You are afraid of the damage diabetes can do to eyes, feet, heart, etc.?

  • You DON’T want to have to take insulin? . . . or more pills?
  • You feel like you lost your energy?
  • You hate the way your expanding waistline makes your clothes fit?


What if you could . . . .

  • Get your blood sugars closer to normal?
  • Have your energy back?
  • Reduce the need for diabetes medication?
  • Shrink your waistline?
  • Stay healthy and active during retirement?
  • Manage menopause symptoms?
  • Clear up the confusion on what to eat?

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