How to Work with Karen

Who does Karen Work With?

Are you a Woman over 40 who wants to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and change your life in any of the following ways?

  • Reduce diabetes medication or avoid insulin
  • Feel good in retirement years and not have to deal with diabetes complications such as losing eyesight, toes, feet, etc.
  • Lose belly fat
  • Get your energy back
  • Get better blood sugars
  • Feel confident and strong in your body

Know what you need to do, but want to beat diabetes now?

Contact Karen at to learn more and get started today.

Convenient Online Programs

  • 7 Steps to Reversing Diabetes E-Course

    Get a weekly email to help you get started on your reverse diabetes plan. You will get quick tips and action steps to complete as you go through the course.

  • 7 Step Reverse Diabetes Coaching Program via Phone/Skype/Email

    Want accountability and help with problem solving and questions on blood sugars and foods? Then you will want the personal coaching to go along with the 7 steps. The coaching program is a 14-week program where you personalized help by talking with Karen every 2 weeks and use the 7 steps to accomplish your goals for reversing diabetes.

  • 1- Session Quick Start:

    A service for those not sure about the full program or just want one session to try out my services and ask questions.

    This is a 60-90 minute session where we spend time talking about your concerns, what you want to accomplish, and how nutrition or other diabetes management tools can help you get there. You will receive a summary report with Karen’s recommendations and references you can go to for future help and information.

  • LEAP program for diabetes and inflammatory conditions – Click here to learn more about LEAP

If you are in the local central Minnesota area Karen also offers these additional services:

  • Diabetes Self-Management Training & Medical Nutrition Therapy provided at Glacial Ridge Health System, Glenwood, MN

    If you are in the central MN area and would like to attend a diabetes class or get help with controlling blood sugars, you can meet with Karen here. Insurance can be billed at this location. Contact Karen for more info.

  • Diabetes Diet Makeover

    If you want a session at your home, at the grocery store, or by phone to get your diet on track to for diabetes, weight loss, or other health concerns this is the session for you.

Contact Karen at to learn more and get started today.