Will Our Kids Be Suffering from Diabetes in 40 Years?

 I usually don't pay too much attention to diabetes statistics because they don't help me change diabetes in any way. But after reading the latest CDC statistics about how the rate of diabetes could double or almost triple by the year 2050 it made me think . . . not about how I will be in my 80s and could be suffering the effects of diabetes . . . but  . . . will my kids be struggling with diabetes?

In 40 years they will be in their 50s and considering the very strong family history of diabetes, their chances of getting diabetes at a younger age are much higher.

How do we turn this diabetes train around? We know from studies that healthy food choices and activity are very effective in preventing or slowing down diabetes. Every day I talk about this to my clients but am I doing enough for my kids to really help them prevent diabetes?  With the fast paced world we live in today I have teenagers that are constantly on the go and I know my family eats too much processed food. In my professional opinion I feel the two biggest problems leading to Type 2 diabetes today are processed foods and portions too big. So what can I do about it?

One thing I will commit to this month is cooking more meals at home with few processed foods. I will also share my thoughts, experiences, and more diabetes tips with you along the way.

What can you do this month to change your life in the direction of reversing diabetes for you, your children, or grandchildren? I know it is not an easy task but every small step we can take will be a step in the right direction. I would love to hear your comments or what you are doing with food or activity to help your family prevent or reverse diabetes!