Guest Post: Jane’s Journey to Wellness

The wellness journey you are about to embark on, or have been on, could positively transform the expressions of your life. I know because I started on this journey eight months ago, not knowing where it would end up.

It doesn’t end, that’s the key! It becomes a life long ingredient of your very being.

This journey has brought an inner healing to the surface and set a long held passion free to sail on an aspiring course. The ingredients I am talking about require a different approach that is energizing and transforming for strength, weight loss and confidence. But it does require that you dig deep within yourself and become conscious of “what is it you are really hungry for”?

The transformations surrounding this process have nothing to do with dieting, weighing or counting calories. There is no spotlight on carbohydrates or sugars as the answers.  What then is the focus?  For me it meant forgiving and releasing the past, a mind set change, healing the addictive habits of the fatty, processed foods and sweets we have come to love and rely on for emotional support, embracing the creation of new recipes and a new outlook on eating that is based on fresh, healthy, life-giving foods.

Before beginning this transformational journey my thoughts were:
If I only had someone I could talk to about why I over eat . . .
What attracts me to particular foods that set off the downward spiral?
How do I change my mind set?

I wished for a safe place to discover what I thought was missing in my mental linkage. Even though life has certainly had its trials, my life is by no means a train wreck. I feel I have lived a whole, spiritually based, joyful and happy life. I am 63 and feel completely comfortable, accomplished and confident in who I am.
So why have I, most of my life, struggled weight?

In searching for the answer, I felt I just could not bear another diet or exercise plan, nor did I like the idea of seeing a nutritionist that was going to hand me a stringent list of carbohydrates and sweets cataloging all the foods I was not “allowed” to eat.
I recall the day I was at my doctors and asked her about losing weight.  She was eager with ideas and suggested I see a nutritionist.  The card she gave me lay on my desk for over a month and then finally I made the call. I dreaded it due to the negative perception I had developed towards seeing a nutritionist. I believed I would feel intimidated by a thin young woman who would appear to have never eaten more than an apple her entire life!

But that first visit was far different than I expected.

I knew what I was supposed to eat but I needed to change my mind set.  I needed to change from the inside out and learn the value of eating fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and grains. Through Karen’s coaching I have come to own this . . . to develop a thinking pattern which instills the consciousness that this is actually enjoyable and it is for the rest of my life!

Karen has been that coach who has allowed me to find MY path. It is invaluable to have a supportive connection with someone. When I have stumbled and beat up on myself for eating “bad” she held strong in her convictions that I was doing just fine. Soon, I learned to rejoice when choosing an orange over a doughnut or a fresh salad over a buttery sour cream filled baked potato with dinner.  With each stage of learning, with each “mishap”, I learned that tomorrow is a new day full of bright possible creative and healthy choices.

If you are looking to start your own journey to wellness these are things that have helped me stop dieting and keep forward progress moving in my journey to wellness:

  • Get a vision for what inspires you. How do you see yourself as you are becoming thinner, healthier and stronger? What dream can you accomplish due to this new healthful way of being?
  • Journal this vision and the journey of this process, including the ups and downs and the frustrations. Journaling helps you get clear and cultivate your path.  It shores up your vision and holds it in your heart and mind.
  • Own it.   This is about YOU, YOUR PATH, YOUR BEAUTY.  Your health is the key and the choices and changes are yours to make at the pace you decide.
  • Embrace every step forward and every transformation you make, no matter how large or small they may seem.

This post is part of a book I am writing about finding my way through the vulnerability . .  Through the fog of how foods have held me captive for so many years. I realize I may never be completely free of the addictive feelings, the compulsive cravings those foods set off. However, I can choose how best to restrain, monitor and more importantly, release them so they no longer rule and trigger an emotional addictive response.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have also struggled or found your own journey to wellness!  Leave your comments below or feel free to email me.

Jane Bower
Author of upcoming book Climb a Mountain Downhill: A Journey of Being You

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jane’s Journey to Wellness

  1. Very insightful and so true for me also. Being conscious of the choices I make and the consequences has helped me. I am also practicing eating only when I FEEL hunger. How often do you blog? I would like to read more! Ruth

  2. Thanks for your feedback Ruth! I have not been able to blog as much as I like lately but hopefully that will change now as summer winds down and the schedule quiets down. 🙂

  3. Ruth, I was so happy to see you read the blog and responded. I think we all go through many of the same feelings, ups and downs, and that’s why it feels important we share with and support each other.
    I am excited to finish the book, I hope it inspires and encourages women of all weight and ages to be the, most empowered, beautiful women they can be!
    If you know of other women who would like to join the blog, invite them along..

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