Have you recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes? 

Are you worried about what high blood sugars could do to your body?


Are you trying to figure out what to eat and not eat but feel like you're just getting more confused?


Getting alot of advice and don't know what to believe?


Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and just need an easy step-by-step guide to get you on the right path?


My $7 Diabetes Food Fix Start workbook is . . .

  • 28 pages of simple explanations and guidelines to help you take action on the first 3 diet changes to get your blood sugars to goal

  • focused on realistic food changes, not supplements or fad diets

  • written by a diabetes nutrition expert with over 25 years professional and personal experience with diabetes

Diabetes Food Fix Book Cover

What you will learn from my e-workbook

Why step #1 will make the biggest difference in improving blood sugars

What drink choices are healthy and not so healthy

Specific food ideas to replace sweets

How to use one simple strategy that allows you to still eat the foods you like

Diabetes Food Fix Book Cover

This e-workbook will guide you through the first 3 diet changes for improving blood sugars and getting A1c to goal.

For only $7 you can get your copy of Diabetes Food Fix Start and get started on your way to better blood sugars TODAY!