How to avoid toxins that can increase diabetes risk

collection of pots and pans

Are you getting toxins from your cookware?  Many years ago I learned not to buy the cheap non-stick pans where the black coating starts to wear off. But recently I attended a webinar about detoxification and was provided a very helpful resource on safe cookware. That made me dive into this topic of toxins and…

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Are resistant starch foods good for diabetes?

What is resistant starch and is it good for diabetes? Have you ever heard of resistant starch? Resistant starch is a type of fiber that can’t be digested in the small intestine. That’s where most foods including starch is digested and absorbed, and then enters our blood stream. Resistant starch goes to the large intestine,…

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5 Reasons to Add Brussels Sprouts to your Meal Plan

roasted brussels sprouts

If you are trying to eat more low carb veggies for better blood sugars, brussels sprouts are a great choice. But they likely aren’t one of the most popular vegetables. I used to hate brussels sprouts. I don’t think I ever had them as a kid and then my only exposure as an adult was…

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