Diabetes Prevention Low Carb Food Plan

low carb meal planning

If you are looking for a food plan with a little structure to get you jump started with blood sugar or weight management, this is a plan I have used. Here’s a low carb food plan to help you get a start on weight management to avoid type 2 diabetes. You can use it every…

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4 Ways to Get Your Mind Set to Fight Diabetes

motivation word spelled out

“Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you chances are it will burn very briefly.”    Stephen Covey This quote sums it up. The motivation for lifestyle change has to be yours.  You want to change not because your doctor tells you  . . . not because your…

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The Inflammation-Diabetes Connection

There is a connection between diabetes and inflammation and it’s hidden. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s reaction to infection or injury. Classic signs of inflammation are redness, swelling and pain. Living in Minnesota the example I think of is a mosquito bite, where you feel very little pain but you get the annoying…

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7 Starter Tips for a New Diagnosis of Diabetes

diabetes written out by hand

Hearing that you have a new diagnosis of diabetes is a very emotional experience and many questions go through your mind. When I was told I had gestational diabetes 14 years ago I’m pretty sure I went home and cried, feeling the “why me”? reaction. Well all those emotions are perfectly normal and you really…

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Grapes: Good or Bad for Diabetes?


This is a common question I get a lot from people with diabetes. Many people have been told grapes are too high in sugar and if you have diabetes you should not eat them. Grapes are actually very heart healthy and have a low glycemic index, in the 43-53 range. One serving is about 15-20…

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