Do You Have a Holistic Health Vision for Diabetes Wellness this New Year?

Do you make New Years Resolutions?

Well, most people don't and I guess I don't either but I do find it inspiring to sit down and put on paper my life goals, if you will , for the year ahead. I think most of us are afraid to make resolutions because we know they usually don't last and then we feel like a failure. However, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays I do find it energizing to get out the new calendar and look ahead to what I want to accomplish in the coming months.

You might not call them New Years Resolutions but if you have diabetes or prediabetes you might have ideas in your mind of wanting to lose weight to reverse diabetes, or reduce medications, or start eating better and exercising so you have more energy to do certain things. These thoughts can be very useful as part of a diabetes health vision for the new year.

Most diabetes health goals may be related to weight loss, food and exercise but don't forget the that other areas of our life affect our health and diabetes as well.

Consider these questions and thoughts as you think about your health and diabetes wellness goals for the New Year.

  • How is my emotional health? Are my relationships with spouse, family, and friends strong? This is an important part of happiness and wellness and if these relationships are suffering it will also affect our physical health. Do you have someone you can talk to when the stress of life is overwhelming? Are you spending time in hobbies or activities you really enjoy? My emotional health activities include gardening, tennis and hiking in the nice weather months and cooking or reading in winter months.
  • How is my financial health? Diabetes can be a very costly health problem. There are several cost saving strategies for diabetes supplies and medications that are available. Exercise and healthy food can also fit into a tight budget. These are topics that I often discuss with clients as their diabetes nutrition coach, but beyond diabetes and health costs, getting control of our overall financial health can also take a big stress off our mind and help us focus on physical wellness.
  • How is my spiritual health?  When everything else is falling apart, having a strong spiritual foundation is often what gets us through tough times.  Faith and hope are very powerful healing elements. For me this past year has been very challenging emotionally with my family experiencing job losses, health challenges and just a few weeks ago the sudden death of one of my sisters. My faith in God and knowing she is in a happier peaceful place brings comfort and helps me accept the loss.
  • How is my job/career/work health?  I have to admit that I am often guilty of working too much and the past few months so much that it has started to have a negative affect on my physical and emotional health. One of my goals for the new year is to get this back into balance and focus more on doing the work I enjoy – coaching, teaching and writing for people searching for a better life where diabetes is not taking away their health.
  • How is my physical health? We all know we are supposed to eat healthy and exercise, right? It's not the knowing WHAT to do.  It's finding the answers to HOW to get it done. If you have been trying to find those answers but are just frustrated and are afraid to even set goals for fear of failure, maybe I can help. My focus this year will be on coaching individuals toward that diabetes wellness vision. I will be working on tools and articles to add to my website but if you would like to talk about how I might be able to help you reach your vision of diabetes health, send me an email and we will set up a phone call to discuss what type of program might fit your needs.

Now, go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and sit down to plan your holistic health vision for the new year!


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  1. I have heared that Diabetes is a very dangeous disease..Yes ofcouse Prevention is better cure iam following this,i wish everyone should go with ur article.. Thank u for ur Fabelous Tips and advice …