What You Don’t Know About Diabetes CAN Hurt You

I often hear people refer to Type 1 Diabetes as “the really bad diabetes” because people have to take insulin with type 1 diabetes. However, did you know that with Type 2 diabetes blood sugars start to go higher than normal up to 10 years before you are diagnosed?


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These Stories Prove That Exercise is Great Diabetes Medicine . . . and More!

Quick Post to Share a Couple Great Stories to Help Get Us Excited About Exercise!

This first story is an inspiring one of how twins have been managing and preventing diabetes with eating and exercise as their medicine. Check it out this NPR story of how a 14 lb weight loss reversed diabetes!

Another article from today's Wall Street Journal talks about the hidden benefits exercise provides for fighting off cold and flu viruses, preventing diabetes, fighting off cancer, lowering blood pressure and  cholesterol, and more. The article is packed with very helpful reminders such as how important exercise is for those over age 40, when we start to lose strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

And finally . . . check out this video of piano stairs. Exercise should always be this much fun!

Quick Video on Why Exercise is Important to Keep Weight Off

Quick post here to share a video that may help inspire you to keep exercising as we head into the colder months of the holiday season. Like many of you, I struggle every so often to keep my motivation for exercise going, even though I know how important it is to prevent diabetes.

I talk to clients every day who are taking or have taken a pill for weight loss but I have not seen one yet that isn't a temporary fix. AND they all have potential side effects.

Exercise and healthy eating are still our best medicine for weight control and diabetes prevention.  Not as easy as taking a pill but worth the effort!