How All or None Thinking Makes You Feel Like a Diet Failure

Here’s how  – We decide to lose weight or get control of diabetes and we say to ourselves:

I have to eat better. I’ll start a healthy diet tomorrow.  I will get rid of all the bad foods and just eat what’s good for me.

Thinking of food as good or bad all of the time is an all-or-none mindset. We think of our eating as right or wrong. When we are following the rules we are good. But if we stop the diet we have failed and we feel like a bad person.
If we are always trying to follow someone else’s diet or food rules, we never really get in touch with our hunger or our reasons for eating. We don’t discover the foods we actually enjoy. Continue reading

Should I Be on a High Protein Diet?

My short answer to this question is STOP DIETING!
There are many weight loss diets that have been and are still promoted as high protein diets.  The better question is to ask: Am I getting enough quality protein to help me achieve my wellness goals?
Action Tip: Start by finding out how much protein you are eating or drinking now.  Take a minute and jot down what you ate yesterday and then go through and circle the protein foods.
Protein dietPlant proteins are legumes, tree nuts, seeds, peanuts, and soy. Animal protein foods include meats, fish, milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Continue reading

Is Weight Loss or Dieting Consuming Your Thoughts?

Happy 2015!  New start

Now that we are in the New Year and thinking of “starting over”, what is going through your mind about getting healthier?

Are you consumed by thoughts like any of those below?

I don’t feel good about my body. I’m afraid of having serious health problems like diabetes.

I just want to be able to go for a walk without my knees or back hurting me.

My clothes don’t fit. I feel fat. I ate too much again over the holidays.

I’m tired of dieting. I feel like a failure because I can’t stick with any plan.

I have constant cravings and I feel out of control.

I want my energy back. I want to feel good again. I want to live my life again. Continue reading

How to Feel Better About Your Weight and Diabetes Control on Thanksgiving

What if you could really enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without stuffing yourself to the point of misery?Thankful

My Challenge to You is to pick 1 or 2 of the tips in this article and practice them at your Thanksgiving meal.

I am choosing 3.



1. Decide how I want to feel when I am done.

2. Check my fuel gauge and notice how hungry I am before and during my meal.

3. Pause – which actually for me will mean slowing down my eating to notice the flavors, aroma and colors of the foods.

You don’t even have to tell anyone what you are doing but the ideas in this article will help you enjoy your food and not feel so guilty and miserable at the end of the day. Plus your body will thank you too!

Let me know how it goes!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Is Drinking Sugar Soda as Bad as Smoking?

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at

I read an interesting research study that found drinking sugar soda on a regular basis could lead to the premature aging of immune cells, leaving the body more susceptible to chronic disease like diabetes. And they compared it to the way smoking increases our risk of disease, by damaging tissues, causing inflammation and insulin resistance.
We always say that eating or drinking sugar does not cause diabetes but maybe we as health care professionals will need to re-evaluate that answer.
If you have diabetes or prediabetes you might be thinking “How bad can it be to have a soda now and then?”    In my experience teaching and coaching on diabetes, I have seen many people bring their blood sugars down to normal or near normal just by weaning off regular soda.  Plus you are also likely to get healthier teeth, more energy and easier weight control.
How much is too much sugar? The American Heart Association guidelines for added sugar consumption recommend women get no more than 100 calories a day from added sugar, or about 6 teaspoons. That’s only slightly more than a half of a 12 ounce can!  For men, they recommend no more than 9 teaspoons. Continue reading

3 of My Favorite Fall Foods

Do you find it challenging to eat healthy this time of year?

As the weather turns cool I seem to crave heavier foods and more carbs like fresh baked warm cookies! But if you are like me you can’t make those too often and still fit into your favorite jeans. So I thought I would share 3 of my favorite fall foods that are a little more waistline friendly. Continue reading

5 New Ways for Busy Women to Take Charge of Carb Cravings

Having thoughts of guilt for overeating this weekend? Thinking of finding a new diet? Pasta Carbs

I would bet that is a common theme today, being the last holiday of the summer and especially since Labor Day is on the 1rst this year. Just seems to be a good time for getting a fresh new start.

How about this year you try something NOT about a new diet? Continue reading

5 Step Food Fix to Help You Get Control of Diabetes

Once you have made up your mind to change your diet to get control of diabetes, try these meal-by-meal tips to get started on better blood sugar control.

  • Stop drinking sugar.

You can get a dramatic drop in blood sugar, lose weight and feel better by stopping all soda pop, juice and other drinks with added sugar. Eventually you can add some 100% juice back in small amounts but to start it is best to avoid completely. You can temporarily transition to diet drinks but the best alternative would be to drink water, even if you need to flavor it with frozen fruit or a little juice. Water is necessary for all the functions our bodies need to maintain, especially blood sugar control. Continue reading

Grapes: Good or Bad for Diabetes?

grapesI get this question a lot. Many people have been told grapes are too high in sugar and if you have diabetes you should not eat them.

Grapes are actually very heart healthy and have a low glycemic index, in the 43-53 range. One serving is about 15-20 grapes, a small handful. The equal amount of carbohydrate in grape juice would be about 1/3 cup. Continue reading